Computer Over-use Syndrome

Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj D.H.M.S  •  Dr. Puja Bhadel Bhardwaj  M.D.


Computer Over-use Syndrome or Occupational over-use syndrome (OOS) refers to a number of conditions where there is constant pain in muscles, tendons and other soft tissues. 


The early signs of OOS are weakness and discomfort in affected parts of your body, which may feel better overnight and during weekends. OOS usually affects parts of the body that are used often or repetitively in work activity. Or it may happen when the work requires you to use force or hold a position for a long time. 

The main findings from the present work showed symptoms such as eye problems and lower back, neck and shoulder pain were common among computer users. Severity of pain increased with number of hours of computer use at work. Reporting of OOS was higher among females.

These problems have occurred mainly as a result of sustained keyboard tasks involved word processors, visual display terminals and electric and electronic typewriters.

Although there is relatively little research information on their occurrence, overuse injuries have existed as a medical problem in industry for many years and there is a body of accumulated knowledge about their prevention and treatment in that context.



Improving the Working Environment 
When equipment that might give rise to overuse injury (including screen-based systems) is being introduced, Management is to ensure that: 
• adequate and suitable work space is provided for the equipment and staff; 
• equipment is selected taking into account health and safety as well as technical efficiency and price; 
• appropriate furniture and fittings laid out in suitable configurations are provided as part of the initial purchase of equipment rather than being considered at a later date; and 
• Consideration is given to factors in the physical working environment such as lighting, air temperature and movement, and noise. 
It is essential that staff with financial delegations for purchase of equipment ensure that the above requirements are met before approving relevant purchase orders. 

Homoeopathic remedy:-

Remove that nagging pain in the neck or lower back and eye strain by using safe and effective homoeopathic medicine.