Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj D.H.M.S  •  Dr. Puja Bhadel Bhardwaj  M.D.


Hysteria is a neurotic disorder characterized by wide variety of somatic and mental symptoms resulting from dissociation, typically beginning during adulthood and occurring more commonly in women than men. 


Many causes often rooted in sexual and self-identity development (hysteria affects mostly women, and schizophrenia is most common in young to middle aged persons).


The `split mind` manifests as delusions of self-importance or persecution; hallucinations; disordered thoughts and general lassitude. Otherwise, unexplained-able physical symptoms may also be present, facial tics, paralysis and fits.


Help for Hysteria

Treatment options ultimately depend on the specific diagnosis and severity of the disorder. In Hysteric, treatment is aimed at symptom management which may include conventional drug therapies such as pain killers or symptom relievers, but these medicines are full of side effects and drug dependence.

There are complementary Homeopathic therapies that should be integrated with a healthy eating plan, exercise and rest for optimal effectiveness. Treatments usually deal with both the physical symptoms as well as mental conditions that are responsible for these symptoms.


-As hysteria is usually exacerbated by emotional stress or anxiety, there are good homeopathic medicines, which are very effective in the treatment of hysteria.

-Homeopathic medicine provides emotional relief and helps to produce clam effect without using sedatives.

- Homeopathic medicine is extremely beneficial in hysteria treatment, as they helps to normalize body system and gently bring about balance and harmony-without side effects.

-Homeopathic medicine promotes a calmed mood, plus soothes nervous tension or stress.

-It promotes emotional health, a balanced mood and feeling of well being.

-It relieves symptoms of mood swings to calm emotional outbursts.