Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj D.H.M.S  •  Dr. Puja Bhadel Bhardwaj  M.D.


Thalassemias are inherited blood disorders i.e. they`re passed on from parents to children through genes 

Thalassemias cause the body to make fewer healthy red blood cells and less hemoglobin than normal. Hemoglobin carries oxygen to all parts of the body. It also carries carbon dioxide from the body to the lungs, where it`s exhaled. People who have thalassemias can have mild or severe anaemia. This condition is caused by a lower than normal number of red blood cells or not enough hemoglobin in the red blood cells. 

Normal hemoglobin, also called hemoglobin A, has four protein chains
—two alpha globin and two beta globin. The two major types of thalassemia, alpha and beta, are named after defects in these protein chains. 

Four genes are needed to make enough alpha globin protein chains. Alpha thalassemia trait occurs when one or two of the four genes are missing. If more than two genes are missing, the result is moderate to severe anemia. 

The most severe form of alpha thalassemia is known as alpha thalassemia major.

Two genes (one from each parent) are needed to make enough beta globin protein chains. Beta thalassemia occurs when one or both genes are altered. 

The severity of beta thalassemia depends on how badly one or both genes are affected. If both genes are affected, the result is moderate to severe anemia. The severe form of beta thalassemia also is known as thalassemia major or Cooley`s anemia. 

Thalassemias affect both males and females. They occur most often among people of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan , Nepal and Asian countries. 

Sign and Symptom of Thalassemias 
1. No symptoms 
2. Mild to moderate anaemia or even severe anaemia depending up on severity of disease. 
3. others:- 
- Pale and listless appearance 
- Poor appetite 
- Dark urine 
- Slowed growth and delayed puberty 
- Jaundice 
- Enlarged spleen, liver, and heart 
- Bone problems 

Doctors diagnose thalassemias using blood tests, including a complete blood count (CBC) and special hemoglobin tests. 

Homeopathic remedies have superior effects in thalassemia. Several research have been conducted shows that the homeopathic remedies possibly acted through regulation of specific and relevant gene expression responsible for the apparently enhanced synthesis of the HbF and decrease of ferritin level. it also shows that with homeopathic medicine, the frequency of blood transfusion gradually reduced, spleen which has been hugely increase in size due to disease is reduced in size gradually. Symptomatic improvement of patient’s condition.