Feedback posted by Satisfied Patients across the world

I am very much thankful to you doctor for the help and effort from you to provide me great relief from pain and suffering by ankylosing spondylitis. This is my second month under your treatment and i am almost back to normal state, which i had never imagine.I can walk, go for jogging now, do all my work independently, i can drive and most of all no pain and stiffness at all! This months medicine is going to finish and would like to order for next month now. Please arrange to send third month of medicine at earliest possible. Thank you, Virendra Sachdeva

Virendra Sachdeva, Ahemdabad, Ankylosing Spondylitis

Doctor Saab Good morning. There is a good news to share. We both are very happy to announce you that, we are going to be parents soon. Thank you again for the treatment you provided. The ovarian cyst of both side are dissolved in last months USG report and i also conform about my pregnancy.

Mrs. Bhumi Arora, Delhi, Ovarian Cyst

My acne as a whole has settled down. The small pimples do not show on my face any more. My face looks better than it looked when I started the treatment. Dr Ramesh Bhardwaj was patient and understanding. Along with acne he also helped me with my other health problems. To sum it up treatment at Homoeopathic-World clinic helped me a lot.

Mrs. Sheela Verma, New Delhi---"ACNE PATIENT"

I am very much satisfied with the treatment of Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj. When I joined my intermediate college, I was very much depressed with short height. All my friends were tall and I feel myself inferior, as I look very much unmatched with them. All of my friend used to tease me due to my short height. I was 17years then. I shared my feeling with my mom. My parents were also worried about me. My neighbor Aunty advice my mummy about Dr. Ramesh. I took height improvement medicine for 1 year. I have noticed improvement in height with first months of medicine. Within 1 year I have grown 10 cms. Now I am very much happy. Thank you doctor.

Niharika Basudevan, Noida-“Height Improvement”

I am Mrs. Sudesh Batra, 61 yrs, Female, from sector-15 A, Noida. A patient of arthritis. I had severe pain in all major joints and stiffness in my neck. I took homoeopathic medicine from Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj since April 2011. Now I am completely cured. Mrs. Sudesh Batra

Mrs. Sudesh Batra, Noida---"ARTHRITIS PATIENT"

I have been suffering from anal fistula since last 2 years. As per doctors advice i did surgery for several times in famous hospitals like MAX, Apollo,Kailash. But every times it provide temporary relief and reappeared within short time. I was not able to sit in office desk, drive. Since i started treatment with Dr. Ramesh, i have notice improvement within a month. my symptoms healed within 6 months of treatment and with 1 years of treatment i am completely cured. I am disease free now. It does not reoccurred since then.I pay my gratitude to Dr. Bhardwaj.

Mr. Dhiraj Singh, Noida---"ANAL FISTULA PATIENT"

"I have been suffering from alopecia.I was completely bald.I took treatment from many well known doctors of Delhi but with no relief at all." "Getting frustrated and depressed as there were no option. I serched for an alternative on internet and thus came in contact with Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj. I found him to be very knowledgeable and helpful." "I never used to believe in homeopathy but his well-selected remedies healed me within 6 months like magic. All my hair regrowth and are very healthy. now I am happy and confident." "Most importantly I found the treatment value for money."

Ms. Radhika, Ludhiana---"ALOPECIA PATIENT"

This is Nancy, a medical researcher in Vancouver. i have been suffering from epilepsy since my childhood. I had tried all the advance medicine here. My Fits were uncontrollable with medicine. They were very frequent..which comes almost everyday.My life was help. I was so much depressed as there were so many things banned for me like driving license, swimming and many more. One fine day while searching in internet, i get connected with Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj. I discuss the matter with my parents and immediately me and my mother flew to India.Within few days of medicine the severity and frequency of my fits have been reduces. It was just a magic. Within 8 months of medicine the fits was almost infrequent...may be once in 2 months. I continue with the medicine for 2 year. i had stopped taking all kinds of medicine since last year.Epilepsy does not reappear again since last year.I got my driving license, learn swimming. i enjoy life. THANK YOU DR. BHARDWAJ. Its all possible because of you.

Nancy , Vancouver---"EPILEPSY PATIENT"

Namaste . I am Prof. Mahesh Kalita from Guahati, Assam. My son master krishanav J Kalita is suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy. We all family member were worried as my son’s health was detoriating daily. One day I found about dr. ramesh bhardwaj in net. But net was full of positive and negative comments of him. Even though I fixed an appointment with doctor sahab. I was impressed and started treatment on 14th July 2010, that time serum cpk was 15245. After starting treatment of doctor bhardwaj, on march 2011(after 9 months of treatment) CPK has been reduced to 6290 .And in 6th October 2011 serum cpk further reduced to 3960.my son is still continuing the medicine and there is over all improvement in my son’s health. Frequent fall has been very much reduced. We are happy and fully satisfied with the treatment.

Prof. Mahesh Kalita, Guwahati---DMD

I was suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis since last 10 years and reports showed increase ESR levels and HLA-B27 was positive. I had severe pain in the hip joint involving the joints around the upper back, hip and thigh. I had severe stiffness in the morning which affected my joint movements. It was a challenge for me to get up and move around especially in the morning hours. I had severe shooting pains, which was affecting my routine activity. I was facing a difficulty in bending and turning. The pain was affecting my posture and I couldnot walk straight. Starting with the treatment, there was gradual improvement in my pains and joint movement. With the start of the medicine the pain reduced to a great extent. Within 6 months of treatment, there was 75 % improvement, the intensity of the pain and stiffness was much less as compared to what I had when we started with the treatment. There is good improvement in my joint mobility and I am able to stand and sit for longer time. I am very thankful to Dr Ramesh Bhardwaj for his sincere efforts and timely attention in helping me cope up with this debilitating disease (Ankylosing Spondylitis).

Mr. Karam Veer Rathor, Jaipur - Ankylosing Spondylitis

I have been suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia since May 2000. I used to have around 20 attacks of trigeminal pain a day, I was on high dose of Gabentine. The pain would last for 15-20 seconds. It was terrible. I am taking treatment under Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj for the past 4 months. I am very much relieved. I get pain rarely, for about 4-5 seconds. I have also reduced Gabentine. My trigeminal neuralgia pain has been almost relieved. My life has been change a lot. I am really very happy with the treatment.

Abul Hossain, Dhaka, Bangladesh – “Trigeminal Neuralgia”

I want to thank you doctor for treating my disease . I also want to inform you that I have now stopped all the allopathic medicine since last 3 months and taking medicine prescribe by you. The stools are normal and fine. I can not imagine my life before I started your treatment. I used to have bloody stool for 10-15 times a day. For this I was anemic, feel lethargic, tired and weak. I used to receive repeated blood transfusion. My colonoscopy had abnormal finding and doctors had advised me for some big surgery.All of these happened for approximately 6-7 years back. Since last year, when I started your treatment, I feel better I forgot other discomforts that I used to have. Thank you very much for helping me. After 8 months of treatment I repeated a colonoscopy, I wanted to update you about the same, Doctor Sahib; I had no ulcers on my recent endoscopy report. I want to thank you for this great improvement in my ulcerative colitis. Thank you!!

Harbhajan Singh, Ludhiana - “Ulcerative Colitis”

My experience with Dr. Ramesh was fruitful. My worst nightmare was premature graying of hair that too at my early stage of life. I used to get afraid to see myself in mirror. I looked my elder in compare to my age.I am an intern doctor, I had tried all the best possible medicine to prevent my premature graying of hair. But was unsuccessful. I was referred to Dr. Bhardwaj from My Hair clinic doctor of Delhi. I am visiting Dr. Bhardwaj since last 5 months. The medicines which are given to me are excellent. It has proved it excellency. My premature graying of hair has reduced to a very negligible level. The only thing one needs is patience and trust, which I had in homeopathy. Thanks for all your good work!!!

Dr. Spandana Reddy, Hydrabad- “Premature graying of Hair”

I am writing to let you know my medication is still successful in keeping my Oral Lichen Planus in remission. I’ve had no flare-ups since I started this medication in June of 2008. This makes me very happy. I continue to enjoy life without a flare up of my Oral Lichen Planus. I am feeling well and enjoying life every day. My overall health is excellent and I feel so grateful to you. Thank you so much.

Kulbhushan Verma, Mumbai – “Oral Lichen Planus”

I was suffering from psoriasis since the year 2000. For seven years I suffered physical and mental agony due to this illness. The disease was very severe and extended to my skin, scalp and nail. I had tried several treatments like Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Homeopathy, Herbal, Naturopathy, but none helped me. I am MBBS doctor and for my further study i shifted to Australia in 2007. Here also I tried all modern medicine, but they were full of side effects and provide temporary relief only. Once I started treatment under Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj in January 2008, within one year of treatment, my psoriasis has been cured to a very good extent. I am very much influenced by his treatment. During my home visit toTamilnadu, India in 2009,I personally visited him. He is not only a good doctor, he is very friendly, helping and very much joyful person. I tooked extra 6 months medicine and completed my medicine in July 2009. I am completely cured now. I am not taking any medicine since 2009 September. There is no recurrence of psoriasis. I would like to suggest all psoriasis patients to visit Dr. Bhardwaj for satisfactory treatment. My health has improved dramatically. I am very much thankful to Dr. Bhardwaj.

Dr. Pradeep Gupta, Australia – “Psoriasis”

I was suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) since the last 6 years presenting with symptoms like fairly loose stools within 1 hour of meals, associated with noticeable abdominal pain. This would subside in a couple of hours. The episodes were more on eating spicy and rich. Within 4 months of treatment, I saw about 65% improvement in my condition since I started the medicine. The usual triggers that caused diarrhea are not causing the same reaction anymore or are causing symptoms that are much milder than before. The abdomen does not hurt anymore during the day. The frequency of stools has reduced to 2 times a day from 6-7 times a day. I have not noticed any mucus or blood in stools.

Manish Jadeja, Chandigarh- “Irritable Bowel Syndrome”

My grandson was suffering from Atopic Dermatitis when he was just 7 months old. I took treatment from many allopathic doctors but the case was worsen. Then by internet I came to know about Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj. I took his treatment for my grandson and now my grandson is 3 years old with no Atopic Dermatitis in just 1 year Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj made my grandson free from this skin disease. Thank you once again!!

Devraj, Bangalore – “Atopic Dermatitis”

I developed Vitiligo in my lower lips as a complication of hypothyroidism in 2006. I was under thyroxin tablet for my hypothyroidism.My vitiligo was initially light but as time passes it start to increase in size and becoming whiter. I had taken local or oral steroids, ayurvedic medication, but there was no change in my white spot. Via internet axis I got information about Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj. I saw noticeable improvement within 4 months of starting the treatment. Repegmentation occur and size is reduced. There is 90 percent improvement in my Vitiligo within a year of treatment. The spot is almost not seen normally. The treatment has worked very well. Thank you doctor.

Md. Iqbal, Lucknow- “ Vitiligo”

Thank you doctor very much for improving my complexion. You know i was so depressed with the color of my skin. I feel myself very low,depress and lost my confidence. I feel disappointed and avoid peers and parties. Since i am using your medicine, my skin tone and complexion has improving a lot. i m fair now and feel like a dream come true. I advice my sister too. I am so..so so much happy. Thank you so much doctor!

Leena Yadav, Patna

Dear Ramesh Ji, I would Like to order Medicine For my lipoma. Please send me medicine for 2 months in my home address, which in entered in your register. I would also like to inform you that, 10 of my lipomas, which were in arms and forearms are dissolved and only 3 lipomas are remaining and that too are of less than 0.5 cms. I would like to thank you for the help and support by your treatment. I have send the pictures of my lipomas in your e-mail.Please Have a look and send medicine. I hope my lipomas will vanish soon.thank you so much.

Suresh Pradhan, Kolkatta- "Lipoma"

Hello Dr. Ramesh, This is Namita from Gurgoan. Dr. Sahab, i will come today evening to take medicine For 5th months for speed up growth, Please make it prepare. I also like to measure it properly in your clinic. I measure in my home today and its 6 cms increase. I am happy to receive your treatment and would like to inform you than one of my friend also like to improve her height. she will come with me today to consult you. Please fix an appointment for her too. Thank you, Namita

Namita Singh, Gurgoan-- Height Improvement"

5 years ago after disgnosed with Ulcerative colitis I had almost lost my hopes and my health condition was worsening day by day, Physician had nothing to offer me. Determined to help myself, I asked around about homeopaths and Ramesh Bhardwaj was recommended to me. Within 6 months my health condition was normal and since then, I have continued to seek help from him for other problems. Dr. Bhardwaj has not only been very good thorough and caring during any appointment I have had with him but also highly professional. I feel I benefit greatly from any homeopathic remedy that has been prescribed and would highly recommend Dr. Bhardwaj . I have Great Faith in both him and homeopathy.

Bikram Agrawal, Greater Kailash-- Ulcerative Colitis

I saw Dr. Ramesh About menopausal symptoms and found his approach and manner very supportive and professional. The continual support from Dr. Ramesh is very beneficial to me and I hope to continue seeing him. I thoroughly recommend Dr. Ramesh’s Homoeopathic World clinic. The prescription is working really well and I am able to come off HRT with continual support of Dr. Ramesh and the remedy.

Mrs. A. Misra, Noida-- Menopausal Symptoms

I thoroughly recommend dr. bhardwaj. I visited him with major back dysfunction and osteoarthritis- being unable to sit down for longer than 5 minutes at a time. This had been going on for over 9 months but less than 2 weeks later I was experiencing major improvement and by the end of 3 months I was completely better and haven’t had a re-occurance since. I found Dr. Bhardwaj to be very professional and most importantly, extremely empathic and “tuned in”. I felt in very good hands from the moment we started. Thank you ! I hope I don’t have cause to consult you again but, if I do, then I’ll be back like a shot.

Maneet Chhada, Punjab-- "Osteo Arthritis"

Having spent ten months taking antibiotics for acne treatment under the care of a dermatologist my sixteen year old son’s acne was no better and worse. He had a loss of confidence, was often extremely frustrated and was unhappy and uncommunicative. We sought help from Dr. Bhardwaj for the physical problems but Dr. Bhardwaj identified the emotional side within the first ten minutes of the initial consultation. After the first remedy prescribed we saw a dramatic emotional improvement and after two further treatments we now have a very happy, emotionally balanced son again - what a relief. And guess what? The acne has cured too! Thank you so much Dr. Bhardwaj, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.

Anjali Misra, New Delhi-- Acne and depression

For 7 years I had 10 large warts on my Face and neck. After 5 months of treatment 2 remained, and were diminishing. 9 months after treatment none remain. I am so much pleased with the results. It’s hard to believe they were all over my face and neck for so long. And people always first noticed and advice million things and comment about it. I am truly grateful. I will be in touch if i and my family ever need you again

Sarika Garg, Meerut--Facial Warts

I heard about homeopathic from a friend of mine who is been contacting Dr. Bhardwaj for years. I had several main physical health problems at that time such as short breath, wheezing, and coughing. Allopathic treatment did not help me to solve my health problems, after chatted with my friend for while I decided to contact Dr. Bhardwaj and explained my issues. Dr. Bhardwaj accepted my case in May 2011 and from that time I only take homeopathic remedy, I found it has a miracle. I recovered from the symptoms I had. After I got a good result, my wife and kids become homeopathy as well. I would like to appreciate Dr. Bhardwaj for the great support and kind treatment. I do invite all Allopathic to take care of their health and move to homeopathy for the best of their life. Thanx again for Dr. Bhardwaj

Amit Rastogi, Lucknow-- Asthma

I am a CEO of Multinational company. I have been suffering from fistula for the last 2 years and took treatment from many well known doctors of Delhi but with no relief at all." "Getting frustrated and surgery done for 3 times in very well known hospitals. But Fistula was occurring again and again. There was no permanent cure for it. As the only option I searched for an alternative on internet and thus came in contact with Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj. I found him to be very knowledgeable and helpful." "I never used to believe in homeopathy but his well-selected remedies healed me like magic and now I am feeling very healthy free from fistula.

Mukesh Singh, Delhi-- Fistula

I am very happy with the homeopathic treatment which Dr. Bhardwaj has given to my wife Ajanta. She was suffering from ovarian cysts which were discovered by ultrasound on 15 June 2014. Immediately I started consulting Dr. Bhardwaj. She used to suffer from severe low back pain , pain in lower abdomen on and off. Now every thing is fine and she is free from all symptoms she had previously. Her latest ultrasound report done on 12 March 2015 reads - Both ovaries are visualized and are normal in size and echotexture. No ovarian cyst is seen on either side. No adnexal mass is seen. No free fluid in POD. I am very thankful to Dr. Bhardwaj and wish that he continues his precious service to humanity.

Gopal Sharma, Agra-- Ovarian Cyst

I have been suffering from Psoriasis for the past ten years. I started treatment of Dr Bhardwaj just about a year ago and the results are there for all to see. Apart from my condition improving physically, the treatment has helped build my self confidence. Previously I used to feel terribly embarrassed; I even tried hiding my skin condition which affected me mentally & physically. I have been very impressed by the treatment and attention given to me at Dr Bhardwaj and I would like to thank Dr Bhardwaj, for his outstanding support.

Anant Singh, Delhi--Psoriasis

I was a patient of eczema. My continuous itching would embarrass me in front of others. I was completely helpless until I came to Homoeopathic World. Now, however, I feel I am fully cured. As a happy patient, I have introduced many others to the Clinic who are all doing well. Thank you Dr Bhardwaj.

Puneet Verma, Greater Noida-- Eczema

I have been suffering from migraine since last 10 years. I have tried almost every medicine, homeopathy, allopathy, ayurveic and unani. But all proved to be no use in me. Last year i visited dr. bhardwaj in his clinic for my this problem. I used his medicine, with trust and as a last hope. Thankx god, i am totally cured now. I have stopped medicine since last 3 months. I am totally fit and fine. All credit goes to Dr. Bhardwaj for curing me.

Namita Yadav, Nepal--Migraine

I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) at the age of 5 years and the only treatment that was available at that time was steroids. My parents had never heard of homeopathy, but after extensive research, decided that it was a better option than chemical drugs which would have long-term side-effects.So They started my Treatment with Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj.Thankfully, they were right. Autoimmune diseases like RA mean your immune system is very low and cannot fight illness. Conventional drugs bring the immune system down even more and along with that, some of them have very strong side-effects. But homeopathy built my immune system back up so that my body could fight the disease. At the age of 17 I came off the homeopathy and tried conventional treatments to beat a bad flare-up. The conventional medicine made the arthritis spread to all my joints and left me in a wheelchair. I went back to Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj and eventually got myself walking again. Now, at the age of 19 I’m healthier than ever and I put that down to homeopathy.

Mike, Boston USA--Rheumatoid Arthritis

All that I can say is that with your medicines, taken over last 4 months , my fibromyalgia pain is being managed better.

Sonam Goyal, Jaipur--Fibromyalgia

My daughter is taking your medicine for height improvement since last 4 months and we are very happy with the results. I would like to recommend you all for the height improvement medicine, as we are very satisfied with the out come.

Reetu Taneja, Delhi--Height Improvement

I got treatment for my sciatica and I see lot of improvements and I would like to continue the treatment.

Subodh Das, Noida--Sciatica

Its been 6 months now and my epilepsy is lot better.The frequency of headache, body pain and seizure is reduce and i feel much better.

Nidhi Chauhan, Aligarh--Epilepsy

Excellent service and best result with the remedy prescribe.I had 3 corns in my right foot, which were very painful. I was total panic in pain while walking.I was advised for surgery, but i optioned for homeopathy. It was a correct decision. My all corns totally disappear in just 4 months of treatment.

Murtuja Bhuyian, Bangladesh--Foot corn

It was pleasure interacting with Dr. Bhardwaj. The ease that he brings in the diagnosis and confidence that he response in cure has positive impact in me and my whole family. I have been visiting Dr. Bhardwaj for the treatment of my father for MND (MOTOR NEURON DISEASE).My father was bed ridden and depends on us for all his daily works. There was difficulty in feeding also.Within few months of treatment,My father is improving fast. He can do all his regular activity himself now and can eat all types of foods. We never thought, homeopathic medicine can be that smart.We are more confident with Dr. Bhardwaj.Thanks and regards.

Anuj Saxena, Chandigadh-- Motor Neuron Disease MND

In my case when i got disheartened by other treatment after spending tons of money and no success for my psoriasis problems.Then turn to homeopathy and consulted Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj. Today, i am so glad and happy that i am in good hands.At present my condition is much better.Psoriasis is well control and very satisfied with the outcome of medicine.

Manvik Gujjar, Greater noida--Psoriasis

I have heard a lot about the treatment of Dr. Bhardwaj in my family. My father and mother consult for almost all health issue with him. But i had a little belief in homeopathy and i used to ignore it. But i got piles since last 2 year and used allopathic medicine. It develop in fistula and doctor advice me for surgery. My mother forcefully took me to consult Dr. Bhardwaj. His remedy was so much effective that my pain and swelling removed just in a week of medicine. i am taking his medicine for 6 months. i can feel much better now. I am almost ok now. You are really a great doctor. You save me from surgery. You are next to god for me.

Kartik Mahajan, Delhi-- Piles and Fistula

I had suffered from Lichen Planus for a very long time. Initially steroids had helped me slightly but my Lichen Planus kept coming back again and again and I reached a stage where I did not even respond to steroids. The Lichen Planus had become a frustrating part of my life. Then I came to Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj and his homoeopathic medicines wonderfully cured me of my long standing Lichen Planus. I will always be grateful to him for his marvelous treatment of Lichen Planus.

Mitali Gaikar, Mumbai--Lichen Planus

About 6 years back i was diagnosed with ankylosing spondolitis. Despite many kinds of treatment my situation was getting worse. My normal life was getting affected because of the stiffness, pains, lethargy, and fatigue to the point where it was difficult for me to walk a few steps. I was in pain all the time leading to a very depressed state of mind. After a lot of deliberation I chose Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj’s online treatment which has given me excellent results in reduction of all the symptoms in a short period of time. His effective and accurate prescriptions have made me hopeful of recovery and I intend to complete my treatment.Not only because it assures privacy but also it been extremely effective in my case. I am confident of his good services in the management of chronic disease. May God bless him!

Asim Aslam, Pakistan--Ankylosing Spondylitis

I was into pits of depression when I contacted Dr.Bhardwaj. I had faced some very bad situations in life and was on verge of attempting suicide. This was the time when my cousin suggested opting for Homeopathic treatment. But I had no idea that along with the best treatment I will also get the best counseling sessions from Dr.Bhardwaj, Which helped me to get out of hell soon.

Kritika Gandhi, Rhotak--Depression

Unbelievable! I can’t believe that I have recovered almost 95% till now from Psoriasis from which I was suffering from past 15 years. Dr.Ramesh Bhardwaj and his Homeopathic treatment are just excellent.

Sultan Ghani, Kabul--Psoriasis

I am a patient of Ulcerative colitis since 15 yrs. My condition was getting worse days by day. I had to go toilet for 5-6 times per day and sometimes blood stains also. I was anaemic and had to transfuse blood frequently. During my visit to india last year, i search in net and consulted Dr. Bhrdawaj.I have been taking his medicine since last year. I am much better now. No transfusion, my stool is normal.I would say I am better. Thanks

Harshita Gopala, US- Ulcerative Colitis

I am a professor Of Gynaecology in a medical college China.During my Visit to India, Delhi last year for a seminar, i had a acute attack of Trigeminal Nuuralgia. My Indian friend took me to Dr. Bhardwaj.He put some drops of medicine in my mouth and it was just like magic. My pain was almost off by 40-50%.I continued his medicine for 7 months and i am perfectly ok now.Thank you Dr. Bharwaj for the help. I am planning to visit India very soon, may be next month, will surely meet you.

Yue Lili, China-- Trigeminal Neuralgia

I am very health conscious lady and do yearly check up.2 Years ago in my USG report says gall stone of 2mm and 5.5 mm size. But i had no symptoms. I am very afraid of surgeries and looking for alternative options. I day I found about its homeopathic cure By Dr. Bhardwaj in internet.I contact him over phone and order medicine. I took his medicine for 3 months and repeat USG, it revels one stone of 3 mm only. I continued his medicine for next 3 months and repeat USG. There were no gall stones. Dr. Bhardwaj you saved me from operation.I never meet u, but whenever i got a chance to visit delhi, i have a wish to see you.

Jini Mathew, Kerala--Gall Stone

I would like to inform you that, its my 4th month of treatment for hydrocele. I have right sided hydrocele and doctor advice me for surgery, as i have strong belief in homeopathy, i visit Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj.Its just 4 month and my hydrocele have been reduce to half. Dr. Bhardwaj has adviced me to continue medicine for next 4-5 months. I hope i will be cure.

Pawan Tyagi, Ghaziabad--Hydrocele

I was fortunate enough to find homeopathic treatment of Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj. Following the breakdown of my marriage,I had stated to gain weight, depression and diagnosed with hypothyroidism. As a result of this, i was prescribe thyroxine tablets which are meant to be taken for life.Wanting to avoid this,On the advice of a friend i turned to Dr. Bhardwaj a well known homeopathic doctor, who was able to provide me with a complete cure.I stopped thyroxine tablets and my thyroid functions are normal. Since then i consult dr. bhardwaj for my any daily illness.

Suhani Khan, Banglore--Hypothyroidism

The experience has been quite good and helpful. As compared to two years ago, my acne has subsided almost completely and now my skin also looks fresh and non-oily. Thanks to Dr. Bhardwaj’s treatment, I have got back my confidence. Hope you continue to serve people better and better in future also.

Kaya Thakur, Delhi--Acne

After taking homeopathic treatment from Dr. Bhardwaj, I am very happy because my hair loss is very much under control. Not only hair loss, but even my thyroid hormone levels are under control. Dr. Bhardwaj is treating me very well and I’m truly thankful.

Niharika Jain, Hissar-- Hair loss and hyperthyroidism

I have got excellent results immediately with 2 months of starting treatment for alopecia areata. With two years of my treatment I can see the difference. Dr Ramesh Bhardwaj is truly amazing and deals with my health issues very appropriately. My sincere thanks and gratitude to Dr. Bhardwaj.

Muzzamil Haque, Dubai-- Alopecia Areata

Meeting with Dr Ramesh Bhardwaj was very satisfactory. He explained about my problem in detail and advised me the dos and don’ts very clearly. I have psoriasis and it was diagnosed right here By Dr. Bhardwaj. I didn’t know what exactly psoriasis was, why does it happen and many other things but after coming here, I came to know almost everything about this disease that I should know. Dr. Bhardwaj treated me very well and with great patience. He answered all my queries. I want to thank him for his effective treatment. His medicine are incredible....Its miracle.

Samrridhi Rawal, Pune--Psoriasis

I have noticed good improvement with the treatment of Dr. Bhardwaj. Earlier, the my skin was dark, loss of luster n tone. There was no charm in my skin.Since the treatment started, my skin changed a lot.I feel fresh, confident and satisfied with the treatment provided. I wish to continue treatment for some more time so that my problem does not exist. Dr Bhardwaj is very helpful, cordial and extremely friendly. He sets a comfortable atmosphere which enables easy and detailed interaction. Many thanks to Dr Bhardwaj for curing me.

Suman Nath, Ghaziabad--Skin Whitening

I think Dr. Ramesh is a wonderful professional full of wonderful knowledge. I had visit with him when I had a sore throat and a cough for a long time off and on. Its amazing after one week I feel like a new person. I would recommend him to anyone !!!! He is very caring and I feel very blessed and we are very fortunate to have him in our community. I would highly recommend him!!!! Sincerely, Sunita Ray

Sunita Ray, Noida-- Chronic Cough

Its my great pleasure to mention about miracle of homeopathic medicine with the treatment of Dr. Bhardwaj. When our 4 yrs daughter was prescribe with steroids daily to keep her asthma under control, we turned to Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj for treatment.He listen very patiently to us and his treatment was right on the target from day one. We notice that our daughter;s asthma attack reduce both in severity and frequency, slowly but steady. Soon the attack become rarity rather than norm. It gave us a lot of peace of mind and our faith in Dr. Bhardwaj was reaffirmed with every passing days. I would definitely recommend Dr. Bhardwaj to all my friends without slightest hesitation or doughy as he has proved the efficacy of his treatment to us.

Swasti Sharma, Gurgaon--Asthma

I have not words to thank you Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj. You have given me a reason to smile and live. You save my son Arun Goel from muscular dystrophy disease. He is 21 years old and perfectly fine physically. His all reports are good. He is doing MBBS in 3rd year now. Arun requested me to say thanks to you and he will visit you soon he will be back from his college in his vacation. THANK YOU SIR.

Father Of Arun Goel, Rajsthan, Muscular Dystrophy

Dr. Bhardwaj has been our family homeopath for over 18 years supporting us from the birth of our baby, and our child growth.We continue with him till date because with his medicine we get the result we want. He is the only homeopath we recommend.

Mayank Joshi, Dadri, Family Homeopath

“My initial treatments from Dr Bhardwaj back in 1998 were life changing. I don’t pretend to completely understand the wonders of how homeopathy works but the results for me were amazing. Over the past 13 years I have also had treatments from Doctor sahab for general health maintenance, so can highly recommend Doctor sahab for the big health issues as well as the everyday. However, Dr. Bhardwaj is far more than a homeopath – he is highly in tune with life’s processes and people and has many, many other skills like reiky and experiences which he brings to his homeopathic practice. Dr. Bhardwaj is also consistent in his personality, approach and professionalism. If I could award Dr. Bhardwaj “gold stars” I would.”

Loveleen Kaur, New Delhi, General Health Maintenance

“I have suffered from severe allergies for 25 years. This has often been debilitating and ultimately forced me to abandon a career as an airline pilot. I have taken strong antihistamines for the better part of those 25 years. 10 years ago I discovered I was sensitive to dairy products and by absolutely eliminating them from my diet obtained partial relief. 3 years ago I began treatment with Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj. I experienced immediate relief and a near-cessation of my allergy condition as well as several other conditions. The most telling change is that I can eat cheese for the first time in 25 years and my friends/relatives no longer have to cater to my former intolerance of all milk-based foods.”

Himansu Tibrewal, Ghaziabad, Dairy product allergy

“After having major surgery for cancer 10 years ago, I developed severe insomnia that nothing seemed to help. Trying to sleep each night became such an ordeal. Additionally, my general health suffered as I was continually suffering from respiratory problems and other ailments probably related to my lack of restful sleep. I began seeing Dr. Bhardwaj in 2010 and since then my sleep pattern has greatly improved along with my general health and vitality.”

Salini Trivedi, Mumbai, Insomnia

hello dr. uncle, I would like to order medicine for my height increase for 6th month course. Firstly i would like to than you for helping me. it would have been almost impossible without your help. I measure my height yesterday and it is 8.5 cms increase since i started. now i am 5 ft 2 inches. i wonder if i could take medicine for another 6 months without side effects.and also would like to ask will it be as effective as now? please reply back to me and send the medicine for my 6th months course in my mumbai address as soon possible. Thanks for helping me!!!

Madhurima Garg, Mumbai, Height Improvement