Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj D.H.M.S  •  Dr. Puja Bhadel Bhardwaj  M.D.


Bronchitis is an acute inflammation of the air passages within the lungs. 
It occurs when the trachea) and the large and small bronchi within the lungs become inflamed. 

Causes of bronchitis:
- Allergy (environmental and industrial pollutants, pollen, etc.)
- Tobacco
- Infections (viral, bacterial, fungus)
- Immunological 
- Exposure to temperature changes (extreme cold, change from cold to heat and vise versa, etc.)

Cough is the most common symptom. The cough may be either dry (without mucus) or wet (with mucus), depending on the cause and severity. 


The symptoms of Bronchitis may be listed as under: 
- Cough
- Fever
- Chest pain
- Difficulty in breathing
- Throat pain
- Nose congestion
- Body ache, joint pain, tiredness (usually due to infection.)

Homeopathic treatment:-
Homeopathic treatment is very strongly suggested in all forms and stages of Bronchitis. 

Homeopathy has proven treatment which helps towards:

- Relieving nasty cough
- Controlling and treating the underlying tendency to catch cold and cough
- Improving immunity and general vitality
- Reducing the severity, frequency and duration in case of recurrent bronchitis
- Helping allergic as well as infective cases of bronchitis

Homoeopathy is very strongly recommended for all stages and variants of bronchitis.